11 Sunset Hill Farm Road
Harpswell, Maine 04079
phone/fax: 207.729.2816

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about us
Back in 1972 Sam Alexander needed a hand building a garage. His friend Paul Allen had some carpentry skills, so Sam asked if he could help out. That was the beginning of Alexander and Allen.
Today, Sam's son, Chuck is in charge of the company. While we can hire a larger crew if needed, we prefer to stay small ensuring a personal feel to our work. We contend that success is not measured in quantity of homes built in a year, but by the satisfied customers that live within the walls we stand.
Our primary focus is residential construction. Whether it be remodeling or new construction the approach is the same, we strive to maintain clear lines of communication with the homeowner. Making sure that we understand exactly what the owner wants to happen and making that vision take shape.
Many times our customers have commented on how pleasant our subcontractors are to work with. People like our painters, electricians, and plumbers. All are excellent in their individual trades and will take the time to say hello and make sure, once again, that your house is coming together the way you truly want.
We are insured and can provide several references if desired. While we feel it's best to leave drawing and design work to qualified professionals, we can direct you to several people we have worked with over the years. In many cases, depending on the scope of your project, your plans may be provided for free.
So when you are ready to build, give us a call. We have lived and worked in this community for generations. The realization that we are building homes for people who will be our neighbors, people we will be interacting with in the community the rest of our lives is not lost on us, and enters into our everyday decision making as we build.
Sincerely and Thanks,
Chuck Alexander